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Juliane Poirier - White Gate
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White Gate (Anita’s Song)

In from the night late
Closing the white gate behind
Here in this place
Where I knew I’d be safe for a time
Invisible, while I arranged my mind

This strong fence bars a future tense
It keeps the past at bay
But only till I regain my will
And set out on my way

I made a home here
Out on my own near the sky
I shed all those tears
Days turned to years while I tried
Invisibly to rearrange inside

This strong fence bars my future tense
And keeps my past at bay
But only till I regain my will
And set out on my way

Into the day late
Closing the white gate behind
Leaving this home
I’m out on my own and I’m fine
Just see me now
I have reclaimed what’s mine




White Gate was written for my sister, who for many years as a ranch caretaker in the mountains of Southern California managed to utterly and brilliantly reinvent herself. The ranch was surrounded by white fencing and the only access was through a huge, old-fashioned ranch gate which had to be laboriously opened and closed and padlocked every time she drove in or out of the ranch. The gate allowed her to—quite literally—pick and choose whom she let in or kept out of her life.

Author: Juliane Poirier

Vocals: Juliane Poirier
Back Up Vocals: Chris Rininger, Jeffrey Powel
Midi Bass, Acoustic rhythm & lead guitars: Jeffrey Powel
Percussion: Jeffrey Powel (midi kit, maracas)