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Ray Burns - Mr. Rough Stuff
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Mr. Rough Stuff
Ray Burns
& Eric Lindstrom



This is about the local hood. Every town has one, and their reputation is always beyond scary. The guy that attracts gasps and fear just by walking in a room. Who we are describing is the bigger than life bad apple. Who’s coming to mind in your town? Look out  Leroy Brown, the south side ain't just yours anymore.

Words and Music are the product of Ray Burns and Eric Lindstrom . The majority of the instrumentation is by Eric Lindstrom who played the piano, bass, percussion and horns on his keyboard. Electric guitar was added by Jeffrey Powel. Eric's work was recorded by him directly from his Keyboard while the vocals and electric guitar were added at Dogfish Bay Studios. The video was shot at Dogfish Bay Studios and editied using Premiere Pro CS5.5


Authors: Ray Burns & Eric Lindstrom

Vocals: Ray Burns
Back Up Vocals: Ray Burns, Eric Lindstrom
Keys & midi horns: Eric Lindstrom
Electric lead and rhythm guitars: Jeffrey Powel
Midi bass & drum kit: Eric Lindstrom