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Chris Rininger & the DeComposers - Make You Mine
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The Ballad of Greg & Lauren
Make You Mine

Jeffrey Powel & Chris Rininger
December 25th, 2010

Chris Rininger   Lead Vocal

BackGround Vocals


Ray Burns

Andrea Keesey: Tambourine

Andrea Keesey

Jeff Powel: Acoustic Guitars

Lauren Keesey

Jeff Powel: Lead Guitar

Greg Powel

Steve Thomas: Midi Drums

Jeffrey Powel

Steve Thomas: Midi Piano

Melissa Powel


A face across the room. Toes drumming to the beat.
Hesitating just a trace, and then moving in my seat.
Your smile does me in, and lifts me to my feet
The music disappears as our eyes meet

Seems not so far to go; to get my feet to move that way
To bring you close enough, hear all I have to say
To tell you of the ones who brought me here today
To know what I have done that you will look my way.

It’s a pause for the music I hear
(When the lyrics break in time)
Anticipation I feel
So hard (So hard to wait)…  To make you mine (To make you mine)

So many miles from home. You’ve come further still
Infinitesimal chance of meeting It’s magic …(if you will)
First the eyes and then a touch and then wanting you so much more
A spell is cast, and I’m mesmerized, a free fall ‘cross the floor

(Hand in hand) So now put your hands in mine, (Toe to toe) Ooo,
(Love to stay) Won’t you stay right here, right now, (Hate to go) Well, don’t you go.
Guitar Solo

In syncopation after you’re gone
(And no longer side by side.)
Anticipation I feel
So hard (So hard to wait)…  To make you mine (To make you mine)

Separated now and then and here and there and back again.
It’s time to love and time not wasted but time I wait
For when you’re back into my arms and I can feel your breath
Rekindled, we glow like embers brightening in a gentle wind.

I feel the touch of reuniting.
(Every time I think of you)
Anticipation I feel
So hard (So hard to wait)…  To make you mine (To make you mine)

Your smile does me in, and lifts me to my feet
The music disappears as our eyes meet



This is a song written by a dad for his son. Greg Powel and his new lady friend, Lauren Keesey, met serendipitously one Fall evening. This song memorializes that meeting in dance hall in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in November of 2009. My son works at Google and dropped down to "hang" with the folks with some of his friends from California. Somehow my daughter made it too. They went out on a night on the town along the Malacon (the boardwalk facing the water in Puerto Vallarta) and met up with a bunch of kids from Calgary who were part of a bridal party. Makes sense to get out of town if you live in Calgary and even more sense to have a wedding in Mexico I guess. Apparently Greg and his friends were staying to one side of the dance floor while the bridal party was on the other. Melissa, ever the mixer, got the two sides together, although rumor has it that Lauren's initial impression of Greg was that he was porbably too young. To her credit, she required a photo ID from him before she'd allow a dance, but it all went smoothly thereafter. My wife and I met her a day or two later and knew that this girl was "the one" when we met her. There was not only something about her but about the wonderful feeling the two had in each other's company.


So this song commemorates their meeting and includes Greg and his Lauren singing the little duet in the middle (hand in hand, toe to toe; love to stay, hate to go) and my daughter and the Lauren's sister Andrea singing the ooo's. Greg and Lauren have maintained their long distance relationship against all odds commuting nearly every two weeks from one country to the other over two years before Lauren made the move to California. It was especially fun to get Greg and Lauren, her sister Andrea, and
Melissa singing on the song during a Thanksgiving visit in 2010 without ever playing the song for them. All four were visiting and I had wanted to put them on it
but wasn't quite sure how. Then Lauren said she wanted to do something
to help out around the house. I was blowing leaves at the time and
stopped, asked if she really meant it, and she said, "Absolutely." I
said," Anything I need help on?" A little less confident, but she
still said,"Yes" volunteering for herself, and the others. There was a
precious look I wish I'd caught on camera when they walked to the
basement and saw the mic. Andrea laughed out loud and said that when
she'd gotten up that morning she was expecting turkey, not being in
the band.  I only let them listen to brief loops while I recorded
their parts. Melissa and Andrea are singing oooo's and ahhh's, Andrea
is playing lead tambourine, and Greg and Lauren are singing the duet:
"Hand in hand, toe to toe, love to stay; hate to go."

This song is yet one more example of the power of the collaborative effort of the DeComposers. Steve Thomas fine tuned the percussion, and Chris Rininger sang in both the chorus and on the verses somehow making all those words fit into those tiny spaces. Ray Burns added his tenor voice to the chorus.

Authors: Jeffrey Powel & Chris Rininger

Vocals: Chris Rininger
Back Up Vocals: Chris Rininger, Jeffrey Powel, Ray Burns, Greg Powel, Lauren Keesey, Andrea Keesey,  Melissa Powel
Electric lead and rhythm guitars: Jeffrey Powel
Acoustic guitar: Jeffrey Powel
Midi Bass, Piano: Jeffrey Powel
Midi Percussion: Jeffrey Powel & Steve Thomas
Maracas: Andrea Keesey