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Chris Rininger & the DeComposers - Don't Deny Yourself
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Don't Deny Yourself
Steve Kinzie

D                         A
Don’t deny yourself
A                                D G D
The one you love the best
D                          A
Or your troubled heart
A                    D
Will know no rest

You will toss and turn
The whole night through
A                                         E
But it’s all a lie that you’re being true
What will you do

D                                            A
If you should wake up in the morning
B7                                   G
And realize without any warning
How much it cost
D                   D7   D
Think of the time that you lost.

Don’t deny yourself
I know you’ve heard them say
But who’d have ever thought that
He’d have ended up this way

Take the rainbow
Right in your hand
Don’t be afraid to lift your
Feet from the sand.
Where would you stand?


If you should wake up in the morning
And realize without any warning
How much it cost





The words and music for this song were written by Steve Kinzie whom Jeff met when he but 19 years of age in the living room of Dick and Evanne Walker on Bainbridge Island. Jeff was captured by the way Steve tied together his lyrics and playing to make the absolute most of the spaces between the notes. In this song, a beat is dropped in one measure which Jeff never noticed until he tried to teach it to others. The arrangement is largely based on an old recording of Steve Kinzie and Susan Pascal performing the song live.


The song is sung by Chris Rininger and all instrumentation is by Jeff Powel. The bass, percussion and vibes are all midi.

Author: Steve Kinzie
Vocals: Chris Rininger
Acoustic guitars: Jeffrey Powel
Midi bass, shakers, bongos, & vibes: Jeffrey Powel