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Chris Rininger & the DeComposers - It could happen to you
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It could happen to you
Jeffrey Powel & Chris Rininger

Dreamin’ of blue green water just outside the door
Where a beach of sugar sand feels warm to the toes
Where salmon swim in secret toward their lover’s tryst
And otter dine on mussels splayed across their chest.

Just a dream to bring my family to a place upon the sea
With a look out from the stove to the deck when ever you please
With the windows open, you can smell the sea salt air
And even on a rainy day it feels sunny there.

Not sure if you’re aware
Don’t take no millionaire
To make a dream come true.
To make a dream/To make a dream /To make a dream
Come true
It can happen to you
It can happen to you
It can happen to you


I want a place that faces south to catch the sun’s debut
A bunch of bedrooms; windows overflowing with the view
Hardwood floors and a covered deck to entertain my friends.
And memories for all my senses to apprehend.

We’ll watch ships sail the channel; waving to the crew
A sea and ship montage to enhance our point of view.
We’ll try to guess their destination before they slip away
To places far from here; so thankful we can stay.



It’s a place to bring your friends; it’s a cottage on the bay.
A respite from the busy life; the city noise just fades away
Paradise on Agate Pass overlooking white cap foam
Fall in love all over again when you make this place your home.





Sometimes a house is more than a house. This one is magical for it's location, southern exposure, and proximity to the waters, flaura, and fauna of Puget Sound. Jeff fell in love with it from the moment he saw it and hopes that others will be able to enjoy the beauty he found when he first visted there. With the downturn of the economy, waterfront is no longer accessible only to millionaires. This spot is on a quiet, flat back street away from the freeway noises and has entertaining views day and night. It is close to the water yet high enough to be safe from both tides and current. It is a place without the troubling weather of the midwest and still has a cool breeze even on the sunniest of days.

The song was written by Jeffrey Powel with help from Chris Rininger on both lyrics and music. The video was put together with the help of both family and friends.


Author: Jeffrey Powel & Chris Rininger

Vocals: Chris Rininger & Valerie Markell
Backup vocals: Chris Rininger, Ray Burns, Valerie Markell, Jeff Powel
Acoustic guitars: Jeffrey Powel
Electric guitars: Jeffrey Powel
Midi bass & keys: Jeffrey Powel
Drums: Jeffrey Powel

Music Video:
Premiere Pro CS5.5

Videographer: Jeffrey Powel

Performing Participants:

Mercury Michael, Valerie Markell, Chris Rininger, Ray Burns, Gregory Powel, Lauren Keesey, Mark & Katy Shannon, Francine Powel, Bonnie (aka "the Bonster.")

"Me?" Participants:

Katie Mathis, Ian McInerney, Cynthia Anderson, William Limbach, John "Shinty" Johnston, Jake Powel, Larry Kehres, Dorothy Powel Kehres, Michael Powel, Ann Powel, Kelly Webster, Sarah Richardson, Liza Powel O'Brien, Mark Shannon, & Katy Shannon