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Chris Rininger & the DeComposers - Love Yourself
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Love Yourself
Jeffrey Powel & Chris Rininger

Just a boy who’s lost his head
Bewildered ‘n’  faking it
‘Wonders out loud
Where he’s gone wrong
I don’ know.

He should want to go to school/ Get some fire into his eyes.
He should toe the line.
What do wise men re…commend
When the flame inside you dies


A day to get away
To be on your own
A time to be a child
Before you’ve grown
Learn to love yourself
Before you’re done (rest…hmmm)


Just a girl who’s come of age
Still not fully grown
Waiting on love
Waiting for life’s Dénouement.

A thought like a thorn made her cry out in the night
All hope come undone
What do wise men re…commend
When your flame is gone.


Don’t be waitin’ ‘til you die
Don’t be waitin’ just to try
Love your self, Learn to love your self hmmm-mmm
Love your self, hmmm-mmm

Get to pick a day
Get to be a child
Learn to love yourself
Before you’re done.

Chorus x 3




This song was written by Jeff & Chris using a similar method to the one used to write Easy Going. Jeff wrote a chord structure and then Chris scat sang to it. Jeff then used that as a foundation for the lyrics.

The song was written by Jeffrey Powel with help from Chris Rininger on both lyrics and music.


Author: Jeffrey Powel & Chris Rininger

Vocals: Chris Rininger
Backup vocals: Chris Rininger, Ray Burns, Valerie Markell, Jeff Powel
Acoustic lead guitar: Jeffrey Powel & Dennis O'Hanlon
Acoustic rhythm guitar: Jeffrey PowelBanjo: Don Gale
Midi bass & keys: Jeffrey Powel
Drums: Jeffrey Powel