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Stand Together

William Limbach & the DeComposers - Peaceful Revolution
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(A) The rich get richer, The (G) poor get poorer
(A) Our nation gets sicker, But (G) there is a simple cure (D)
(A) We can change the rules (G) To narrow the gap
(D) For the love of our country
Let's start (F) takin’ it (G) back


(A) Stand up for you rights
(G) Don’t give up the fight
(D) Be a part of the solution
(F) Let’s make a (G) peaceful revolution (A)

You’re the hope of the future; A new generation
But you find yourself; In a tough situation
You got your college degree; On a student loan
Now you’re looking for help
But it seems you’re all on your own.


You signed up to fight; When your country was attacked
But instead you were sent; To occupy Iraq
You did the best that you could; Under horrible conditions
Now you’re looking for work
But there are very few positions


You bought a nice home; The American dream
Then the bottom fell out; Things were not what they seemed.
The big banks were rescued; Now they won’t cut you a break
You could use a rescue too
But they just take, take, take, take


Reprise Verse 1




The words for this song were written by William Limbach with the exception of the last two lines in the first and last verse, which were contributed by Jeff.



On this song, the musical composition came together during a moment of respite while Cathy Britell, Jeff Powel and William were rehearsing for the 2012 Folklife Festival. Jeff had told William he wanted a chance to write a song with him, so William brought the lyrics to a song he'd been thinking about over. He had no melody at that time. The group settled on keeping to a very simple musical theme and William preferred one with a reggae feel. Jeff started with an acoustic guitar, added the one kick beat while William sang the word's he'd written to the music. It was beginning to sound like a song worth hearing, so Jeff and William made plans to record their parts the following week. First the acoustics were put down, then William's vocal, and a rhythm, bass and mmm-hmmm vocal accompaniment by Jeff were recorded. 


The song was then played for Chris Rininger who really made the vocal arrangement what it became. He took Jeff's mmm-hmmm vocal and sang his own version of it with 4 parts. Then he & Jeff tried other vocal parts with Chris ultimately discovering the ones that worked. He even contributed to Jeff's bass lines. After the basis of the song was laid down, Chris came back to it, let it loop and just played around with it. Out of those vocal experiments came the bluesy vocal riff's that add enormously to the arrangement . Valerie Markell heard the initial rough of the song and thought it would be fun to add her voice to the mix, although she'd not had much experience with the scat style that Chris had established. Clearly she got the hang of it. Ray Burns added his tenor to both the chorus and the mm-hmmm refrains and, after a visit over dinner, friends of Jeff, Mel and Suzanne Ivey also sang in the chorus. 

Authors: William Limbach, Jeffrey Powel, Catherine Britell

Vocals: William Limbach
Scat vocals: Chris Rininger, Valerie Markell
Stand up chorus: Jeffrey Powel, Ray Burns, Mel Ivey & Suzanne Bachman-Ivey
Acoustic guitars: Jeffrey Powel & William Limbach
Electric guitars: Jeffrey Powel
Midi bass: Jeffrey Powel
Midi drums: Jeffrey Powel