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Stand Together

Rod Lewis & the DeComposers - Let her be
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You all know what she’s done
But it doesn’t matter
It comes at no surprise to me at all
She called you friend
How dare you stand and judge her.
She called you friend, how dare you let her fall

Chorus 1:

So leave her alone, Just let her be
What difference is made
To anyone but me.
She’s down on her luck
So I’m asking you please
Just leave her alone
Leave her alone, just let her be.

Guitar Solo

She is always first to lend a shoulder
She always knows exactly what to say
She is the one that kept us all together
And I’m the one that threw it all away.

Chorus 2:

So leave her alone, Just let her be
What’s happening to her
Was brought on by me.
I broke her heart first
So can’t you see
Just leave her alone
Leave her alone, Just let her be.

Leave her alone
Leave her alone, Just let her be.




The words for this song were written by Rod Lewis...


The song was written by Rod Lewis with some thoughts about tolerance and acceptance. It was brought to Jeff's attention while he was working on another song with Rod. He asked jeff to see what he might come up with, and after a little time, some acoustic and electric parts were added. Then Steve Thomas, Chris Rininger, and Jeff wrote some vocal back ups and the rest of the song just came together.

Authors: Rod Lewis, Steve Thomas, Jeffrey Powel, Chris Rininger

Vocals: Rod Lewis
Backup vocals: Jeffrey Powel, Steve Thomas, Chris Rininger
Acoustic guitar: Rod Lewis
Electric guitars: Jeffrey Powel
Midi bass: Jeffrey Powel
Midi drums: Jeffrey Powel & Steve Thomas