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Richard Keyes - I've been used
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I've been used
Richard Keyes

Whispers in the darkness
Space invaders in my head
Moving on me faster
Than those words that go unsaid

I've been burned; I've been beaten
I've been used and abused.
I've been tested and torn, Laughed at and scorned
I've been used.

I've been high as a kite.
Yeah my mind straight lost in flight
I've been out in the rain; been fed on my pain;
I've been used.

I've been used for my kindness;
I've been played as a fool.
I've been humble and kind; been worked overtime
Damn, I've been used.


Whispers in the darkness.
Voices echo in my head.
Moving on me faster
Than those words that go unsaid.

I've been here. I've been there.
I've been around
And I ain't been nowhere. I've been out in the dirt,
My feelings been hurt;
I've been used

This that and the other we see
We're all trying to find a way to be free;
Almost done but you cannot see... yet;
I've been used;
Don't forget the day is near; I see it clear I'm done being used.

Written by Richard Morgan Keyes; Revised 10/15/2013 by Jeffrey Powel


The words for this song were written by Richard Keyes... about overcoming personal challenges.

Authors: Richard Keyes

Vocals: Richard Keyes

Acoustic guitars: Jeffrey Powel
Electric guitars: Jeffrey Powel
Midi bass: Jeffrey Powel
Midi drums: Jeffrey Powel
Synth: Jeffrey Powel