Valerie Markell Gallagher - Easy Going

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Easy Going
Jeffrey Powel, Dennis O'Hanlon & Chris Rininger

My first love, was harder than he had to be.
A little mean around the edges and I knew it early on
But I didn’t want to see
It took some time
Before I didn’t care
There was no easy comin, easy going, easy getting out of there.

He came in with that easy smile
Standing by the counter chattin' up the clerk
Then he saw me down the aisle
I looked up
Smiled through despair
He had it  easy comin’ easy going  easy gettin out of there

(Seeds are sewn)
I played it over in my mind
(Striking out on their own)
I could be on my way...
(Take their chances to begin)
Dying to go just to die a little more to stay.


Dead end town. Living like I didn’t care.
I had enough of lonesome and the pity in their faces
When they saw me working there.
It was time
To walk through that door
But not so easy comin’ easy going easy gettin out of here

(Seeds sewn)
I played it over in my mind
(Packing a bag...)
Packing a bag & walking out that door
(Saying goodbye, and walking out that door.) I could be on my way...
(Take their chances to begin)
To be on my way.


Now I’m old, and thankful that I learned to care
About the simple things, and the wonder in the world
When the harmonies are there
I took my time
To walk that road
It made it  easy comin’ easy going  easy finding my way home
It made it  easy comin’ easy going  easy finding my way home




Easy going is a song that began with a request by Dennis O'Hanlon to learn a little about ProTools. He has his own studio but with a different software and was interested in seeing what ProTools might have to offer. Jeff suggested that the best way to learn the software was to use it and, to that end, proposed they write a song together. Dennis provided some chords in a style he liked and left it to Jeff to write some lyrics, and add some country style acoustic guitar. Inspiration for the storyline came from a secretary of Jeff's who, after a series of poor choices of partners, finally found happiness when she struck out completely on her own.


Within a week or two, Dennis had added some acoustic rhythm guitar, an egg percussion track, and some noodles to go with some of Jeff's noodles. Jeff added a slide guitar, borrowed from Rod Lewis for the occasion, and after some conjoling and a change of key from G to A, Valerie Markell Gallagher agreed to sing the lead on it, bringing the song to life. Chris Rininger & Jeff Powel collaborated to write the chorus and Don Gale added the finishing touches it needed with his pedal steel.


Vocal Lead: Valerie Markell Gallagher
Backup vocals: Jeffrey Powel, Chris Rininger, Ray Burns, Valerie Markell Gallagher
Acoustic Slide Guitar: Jeffrey Powel
Acoustic Rhythm Guitar: Dennis O'Hanlon
Acoustic Lead Guitar: Dennis O'Hanlon
Pedal Steel Guitar: Don Gale
Bass: Dennis O'Hanlon
Egg: Dennis O'Hanlon
Midi drums: Jeffrey Powel