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  Chris Rininger & the DeComposers - Don't Deny Yourself RT  
  Chris Rininger & the DeComposers - Femme Fatale RT  
 Chris Rininger & the DeComposers - Make You Mine RT   
 Chris Rininger & the DeComposers - Rhythms of the Road RT   
 Chris Rininger & the DeComposers - Stay Away RT   
 Chris Rininger & the DeComposers - Waltz with Me RT   
 Darcy McLeod - Tingles RT   
 Darcy McLeod - Weirdo Ways RT   
 Jeff Powel - LBP BLues RT   
 Jeff Powel - No Regrets RT  
 Juliane Poirier - And So I Rose RT  
 Juliane Poirier - Be Your Friend RT  
 Juliane Poirier - Come Marching Home RT  
  Juliane Poirier - Make it through RT  
 Juliane Poirier - Life is Unfolding RT  
  Juliane Poirier - Love & Justice RT  
  Juliane Poirier - So Many Goodbyes RT  
  Juliane Poirier - Violin RT  
 Juliane Poirier - Waltz with Me RT   
 Juliane Poirier - White Gate RT   
 Ray Burns & the DeComposers - Crazy I'm Not RT   
 Ray Burns & the DeComposers - Ol' Willy Joe RT   
 Ray Burns & the DeComposers - Running Away RT   
 Ray Burns - Beaten Down RT   
 Ray Burns - Crying Over You RT   
 Ray Burns - Dusty Road RT  
 Ray Burns - Mr. Rough Stuff RT  
 Rod Lewis & the DeComposers - Happen to You RT  
 Steve Thomas & the DeComposers - Long Hard Nights RT  
 William Limbach & the DeComposers - Stand Together RT  
 William Limbach - To Fool You RT